Setting up a Notion watch database Item - Database ID not found

I am trying to set up some processes whereby an email is sent when a new record is added or updated in Notion.

Before doing this I have:

  • Set up the integration in Notion as outlined in the Make documentation
  • Given the integration access to the whole workspace and to the individual DB

What I am doing:

  • I have tried to set up ‘Watch Database Items’ or ‘Update Database Items’ triggers and it asks me to enter a database ID
  • I got the database ID from the share link/URL and checked it is a 32 character UUID (taking it as being the … in…
  • When I enter this and try to use it I get the error message:

[404] Could not find database with ID: bea6697d-cc85-4e48-bcca-7ba7ad57f45d. Make sure the relevant pages and databases are shared with your integration.

As I say above, I can’t see any more permissions I can give so am not really sure why this is not working.

Any thoughts?

Hey, I had this just the other day, you need to add the automation to each database page you want it to access.

On the page, click the 3 dot menu on the top right, then connections, then add make.

Do this for any related db’s you want to access as well.


Hi tried this but it doesn’t work. When I add Make from the connections list, it brings me to Notion website…
Any other solution ?


Anyone have a solution for that ?

You can always follow this tutorial to do it.
One thing that I’ve noticed is that when I created a connection/integration on Notion it kinda created a new Make Connection as you can see on the screenshot (I have two the grey one and the purple one)

Also and none of the less, if your Database/Page in notion is granted access correctly but not it’s parent page it will not work either.

Hope that it help you.

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