Trouble understanding how to set my Notion automation

Hello there,
Complete noob behind the keyboard.

I’m trying for the past hours to make an automation for a notion database that i have, which is a simple project management database.

To be simple i want that :
WHEN the database
IS updated
SEND an email
OF what has changed in the database
TO people related to the change
IN the database

My projects involve differents teams and i want to be able to signify to that particular team that a change has been made in the database so that they can see what has change. I don’t know if tha tmakes sense at all.

I related those projects to the companies, and companies are related to individuals wich are sectorized. So in the end i have one particular project that involves that company which involves that team and because people are related to the companies they are automatically shown in the main database when the company is picked.

Email adresses are attached to each person.

For the moment i was only about to set a watch on the databse and cannot make any progress further …

Some screeenshots for context :




Thank you …

What do you think would be the next module you need to use? Let’s talk it out here.

The community is unlikely to take you through building your whole scenario for you from scratch. But if you ask specific questions about something we can help.

I’m not here for an easy answer, i’m just trying to understand where to start after making the watch on the database and how to retrieve the updated data to stream it into an e-mail

Well you can add an email module and then map the output from your webhook with the data elements you want to appear in your email. Have you looked at the basic getting started docs?