Apple iOS Contact Notes not reading / writing

I have built three scenarios where I am trying to either read or write data from Apple iOS contacts. In all three cases all of the fields are read or written except the notes field.

Apple Contacts > Google Sheets - Contact data is written to sheet but notes cell is empty
Apple Contacts > MySQL - Contact data is written to record but notes field is empty
Google Contact > Apple Contact - Contact Data is added to Apple, but notes field is empty

Is there anything I can do to get my Contact Notes data to sync properly.

I don’t think the “notes” are a part of the data processed by the iOS modules, so they’re not returned/updated using any of the modules.

Thanks for the reply. There is a notes field inside of the Apple IOS contact integration on the web console so I am curious why it would exist if it can’t exchange any data.

Yep :slight_smile: But if I recall correctly, the app developers need to request special access to access the notes of contacts.

So it’s possible that integromat does not have this permission in their app. Which would mean they aren’t allowed to retrieve it.

Best bet would be to contact Integromat/Make support and have it clarified.