Some data is not being imported into Google Sheets

Hello, I’m new here in the community and a beginner Make user. I created a scenario to export leads from a Facebook form to Google Sheets. Some data is being imported, but some is not. Columns G, H, I, J are not being populated. Column A is being populated with one hour less than local time. I could not remove the + sign from the link created for Whatsapp, although it is still working.
Prints attached.

Could you help me, since the scenario does not present errors.

Can you go to your Scenario execution history and check if you are getting those fields, eg. Campaign, Platform in the New Lead Module?

From the screenshot, it seems that you are not getting those, hence the excel cells are blank for those fields.

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Although they are mapped, the data is not coming in. Prints below.
I can’t understand why only some data is returning.

I have nine pieces of data being mapped, but I only get data from 1 to 5.

Can you take screenshot of data for first module and share it here?

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Note that the Facebook module is only outputting form fields. Shouldn’t it output the other information?