Leads not populating in google sheet

Hi there
I watched a webinar where Daniel Zrust taught on facebook conversion API and facebook conversion lead. I followed the video with webhooks, connections and mappings. In the attached screenshots, it shows that the scenarios works, but only the new leads and all information from the first lead ad module populates, even when I change the status of the lead

Please see if you can help with what steps I could take to correct the issue


Hi @Sean3

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Could you please elaborate on your issue?

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Thanks a lot for your response, @Msquare_Automation

I followed the webinar and built the scenarios and my CRM (Google) as Dan had it on the webinar.

When I fill out the instant form and run the scenario, the lead populates in the Google sheet as a new lead, but when I switch the lead’s status and run scenario 2 to send the lead back to facebook via conversion API, and scenario 3 to send the lead to facebook as conversion lead, they both do not populate on my Google sheet, even though I had the custom audience set up in facebook, and it also seems like the runs in scenarios 2 & 3 had no errors