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Hellow Everyone Are you Looking To Hire An Automation Pro
My Name Is Zakwan Tariq And I am An automation Expert With 3 Years Experience If Want to Hire me for your Task Based Projects so I am Available Zakwan Tariq - Chakwal Pakistan |

Could you explain what makes you an Automation Pro? Perhaps a description of example automations that you have built in the past would help?



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Hi Sam,

Thanks for your interest! I’d be happy to elaborate on my experience and what makes me an Automation Pro.

Extensive Experience with Integromat (Make): I’ve been working with Integromat (now Make) for several years, creating complex and efficient automations that have significantly improved business processes for my clients. My deep understanding of Integromat’s functionalities allows me to build robust workflows that integrate seamlessly with various apps and services.
Examples of Automations I’ve Built:

  1. E-commerce Order Processing:
  • Challenge: An online store needed to streamline its order processing system to handle increasing sales volume.
  • Solution: I built an automation that connects their e-commerce platform (Shopify) with their CRM (HubSpot) and accounting software (QuickBooks). When an order is placed, the workflow automatically:
    • Creates a new contact in HubSpot or updates an existing one.
    • Logs the order details in QuickBooks.
    • Sends a confirmation email to the customer.
    • Notifies the fulfillment team via Slack.
  • Impact: This automation reduced manual data entry, minimized errors, and sped up order fulfillment.
  1. Lead Management for Real Estate:
  • Challenge: A real estate agency needed a system to manage and nurture leads from various sources.
  • Solution: I set up an automation that integrates their lead capture forms (Typeform) with their email marketing tool (Mailchimp) and CRM (Pipedrive). The workflow:
    • Collects new lead information from Typeform.
    • Adds the lead to a specific segment in Mailchimp for targeted email campaigns.
    • Creates a new deal in Pipedrive and assigns it to an agent.
  • Impact: This solution ensured timely follow-up with leads, improved lead tracking, and enhanced marketing efforts.
  1. Customer Support Ticketing System:
  • Challenge: A SaaS company needed to streamline its customer support process to handle a growing user base.
  • Solution: I developed an automation that integrates their support email (Gmail) with their ticketing system (Zendesk) and project management tool (Asana). The automation:
    • Converts incoming support emails into Zendesk tickets.
    • Assigns tickets to the appropriate support agent based on keywords.
    • Creates a task in Asana for any tickets that require further action from the development team.
  • Impact: This automation improved response times, enhanced team collaboration, and provided better visibility into support requests.

Advanced Skills and Tools: In addition to Integromat, I am proficient with various tools and platforms such as Zapier, Make, Go High Level and custom API integrations. My technical skills in languages like and Json allow me to create custom solutions where needed.

Why Choose Me:

  • Attention to Detail: I ensure that every automation is thoroughly tested and optimized for reliability and efficiency.
  • Problem-Solving Ability: I excel at identifying bottlenecks and designing solutions that address specific business needs.
  • Continuous Learning: I stay updated with the latest features and best practices in the automation space to provide cutting-edge solutions.

If you’re looking for someone who can transform your business processes with powerful automations, I’d love to discuss how I can help.

Best regards, Zakwan Tariq


Yes we can do that kindly mail or explain the automation scope of work so we shouble be take next step and give you best solutons