Array Itterator to Individual Variables

Hi all :slight_smile:

I have great scenario using the JSON format from OpenAI to create 4 comments. I then have a JSON parse module and and iterator which outputs 4 bundles.


That works well! But what I cannot figure out is how to be able to use each output individually. I want to add them to a google sheet but I want to populate Comment 1 column with the comment 1 from the bundle, Comment 2 columns with the comment 2 from the bundle etc.

Any ideas? thanks so much!!

Why do you need a Parse JSON module after OpenAI?

I also think you shouldn’t need an iterator. You want to set all the columns at the same time, so you should be using an aggregator.


Thanks for the reply. The output from OpenAI comes likes this:

“comments”: [
“commentId”: “1”,
“text”: “Comment 1 text goes here.”
“commentId”: “2”,
“text”: “Comment 2 text goes here.”
“commentId”: “3”,
“text”: “Comment 3 text goes here.”
“commentId”: “4”,
“text”: “Comment 4 text goes here.”

So I thought I parse it to get comment 1, comment 2 etc. as I want to insert comment 1 into a specific Google column, etc.

Hi @KyleBehrend

You can use get and map function like this:

Please try this in set variable and you will understand how it works.

No need to use json and iterator.

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Amazing thank you so so much!! That worked well. I know where is the make academy - does it go into scenarios like this?