Array - representation changes between output and destination

In the output I see an array that contains two collections, each of them has a “value” key and a “userValidated” key. But then in the downstream destination block the array is distorted in [“value”, “userValidated”]. The collections levels is missing.

you can use the Iterator module in (Integromat).

  1. Connect the output of the previous module to the Iterator module.
  2. In the Iterator module, configure the “Path to array” setting to point to the array you want to iterate.
  3. Inside the Iterator module, add the desired modules that you want to execute for each collection.
  4. In the modules within the Iterator, you can access the values of “value” and “userValidated” for each collection using the corresponding variable placeholders.
    By using the Iterator module, you will be able to process each collection separately and maintain the collection levels in your downstream destination block or modules.
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