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I’m trying to create create an (Postgres) UPSERT query, data is coming in via a Webhook - there could be multiple nodes in this data, every node contains about 60 key-value combinatinos, I’m using a Itterator to split the different nodes.

As i’m using a custom query I need a list of keys and values (INSERT INTO table (keys) VALUES (values) to obtain this i’m using the keys() function, which works out fine. But how do I get the values of all keys of the splitted nodes. I tried to aggregate the Itterated data back to an Array (screenshot 1) , and try to use JOIN ( {{join(23.array; “,”)}} ) , but the output of the array aggregator seems to be an object (see screenshot 2). I tried to add FIRST to acces the first item in the array ( {{join(first(23.array); “,”)}} ), but this results in an empty input, and so an empty output (screenshot 3) .

How do I parse all the values of a node into a comma-seperated string?


Hi @Ronald_van_Meurs

I can observe that within the array you’ve provided, there is a collection. In order to meet your needs, kindly provide the JSON file containing the data output from the webhook. Additionally, please provide a loom explanation of your requirements so that we can conduct a thorough investigation.

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See attached the JSON i’m trying to upsert into Postgress, i’m would like to create a comma seperated list of the values of each item.

Do you need any more information?

outputbundle.json (5.9 KB)

Hi @Ronald_van_Meurs

Please review the following information, and if you require any specific data, kindly make a loom.

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