Help needed: Manipulate String - Converting Array Values into one String

Hi all,

I’m new at working with Make and I could really need your help!
From a webhook, I receive a Collection containing an Array (see Screenshot):

My goal is to transform the array-output, so that I have one string in this format: “value1”,“value2”,“valueN”
Every value has to be in quotation marks and they are comma separated

I tried to set a variable and transform the previous output. Here is the configuration:

The output is:

It’s close, but I need to have it like this: “owner”, “renter”

I would really appreciate any help I can get on this.

Best regards,

I just found out that it can also be in an Array-Format. Just like this:
[“owner”, “renter”]

With the toString Function

I get this output:

Now I need to transform [owner,renter) into [“owner”,“renter”].

I hope someone can help.

Hi @david_schkalej,

You can use an Iterator on your Values array, followed by a Text Aggregator.
For the Text Aggregator, use “Other” for Row separator, a comma as the Separator, and quotes around your value in the Text box, something like this: