How to create a comma separated string and strip any inputs that are empty

Hi guys,

I have an Array Aggregator which outputs multiple items where the value of an item may or may not be empty. The objective is to create a comma-separated string with only the values that exist.

For example:

Array Item 1: empty
Array Item 2: 43
Array Item 3: empty
Array Item 4: 99

Desired output:
newString: 43,99

Attached is a sample output of the Array Aggregator in case this helps.

        "array": [
                "daysToVacate": null
                "daysToVacate": 43
                "daysToVacate": null
        "__IMTAGGLENGTH__": 3

You can use the built-in function map to select the value of daysToVacate, then join and split


{{join(split(join(map(38.array; "daysToVacate"); ","); ","); ",")}}

(split removes empty values by default)



There is only one value in your provided sample output, 43


For more information, see

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Hi there, thanks for your response.

I see what you are doing, but I understand that this solution would only work if the array has a fixed number of items. My fault as I did not specify that the input array can have any number of items and any of the items may or may not be empty…

Any other ideas on how to extract only the array items that have values and then create the new string?

Nope, I did not pick single items from the array. This works on all sizes of arrays.

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You are correct (again). Thanks for your help and also the links to the tutorials