Asana Webhook - Trigger specific custom fields

Hello everyone :wave:

I’m working on Make to create a Webhook that will trigger specific custom fields to update fields on Hubspot.

I managed to trigger all updates on custom fields but not on a specific field.
I use the module Watch Webhook Events

Thanks for your help :pray:

If anyone ever needs the same thing I do to trigger custom field updates on Asana. I used these 2 modules:

  • The first to periodically check updates to a specific section.
  • The second to retrieve every custom fields in the workspace

It may be not the easiest way to do it but it works like that :slight_smile:


Hello @Nicolas_P

It’s awesome to see that you managed to figure this out on your own, congrats! :clap:

Also, thank you very much for stepping back in here and sharing your final setup with the rest of the community. This could be super helpful to many others who are looking for similar information. :pray:

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