Help needed with Updating Asana Custom Fields

Dear Make Community,
Asana seems to have changed something and my scenario stopped working. I can’t get my head around this. My scenario is activated when a new task is added in a specific project. That tasks gets an ID that should be placed into a custom field. Asana is now showing an error that it’s missing the task_gid although I’m mapping it to the same task. Any ideas?



“List Tasks“ Screenshot:

“Update Task“ Screenshot:

Hi! Welcome to the Make Community!

it’s strange it no longer works, and your configuration seems fine.
Can you check the output of the “List tasks” module, and the input of of the Update a task?
The goal is to see if you got the correct data.


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Maybe a different approach: how would you set up a scenario that includes a random project-ID into a custom field of a task that was just created in a specific project? In best case with an immediate trigger? As of now, I was trying a bit and I’m getting more errors, that’s why I currently can’t send you screenshots of the output. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you want to achieve here. Can you explain the use-case?

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Sure, I have a project that represents my sales pipeline. Every new incoming request should get an ID (CPXXXXXX – while X stands for a number), that is saved in a custom field. Does this get more clear? Thanks @Benjamin_from_Make, appreciating your help!

Thanks a lot for this explanation!

You could try and use Watch Tasks and Subtasks

It’s not instant and will require you to schedule the scenario, but at least you can detect any new task.

And use the Update a task, mapping the TaskID from the Watch Tasks.
Since I have an expired free account, I can’t test…


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