Automated google sheet to google sheet changing in discord

Hello there! This is my first ever question here aswell as my first time using make so i wanna know some things:

Im currently making a rpg server for a community i wanna make, but im having trouble of making the gameplay system work without being too tedious (it involves google sheets basically)

I wish to know if by any chance its possible for people on discord to “upload” their sheets and being able to update/change eachother’s sheets in realtime (say for example, a player entered a !heal @(target) command to target another player, and said command will take a value of a cell or cells of the “caster” and use a specified formula with said value to change a value of the ”target”. In this case, their hp or current hp cell value)

Basically: make a “database” of people’s uploaded sheets and formulas that people on discord can use commands/messages to trigger changes on their sheets in real time.

I fully understand this place seems to be leaning towards professional/commercial use for these integrations, but i find this place extremely interesting and i wonder if this will be possible to make (no pun intended). Thanks and sorry if im not explaining myself very well!

Welcome to the Make community!

Not really, I wouldn’t recommend because the Discord app on Make doesn’t have an Instant Trigger, so your scenario can only run on a schedule.

To read more on different types of triggers, see

The shortest time you can set polling trigger schedule to run is once a minute, but that will cost you a minimum of 44,640 (60x24x31) operations a month, JUST to check for new messages. So you might need about 150,000 operations per month on a fairly quiet server. To find out more on how much 150,000 operations would cost you per month, see the pricing link below.

You still could, here’s the minimum number of modules you might need per scenario


Here are some useful links and guides to help you get started and learn more on how to use the Make platform, apps, and app modules —


Help Center Basics

Articles & Videos


I see, thanks for your response!