Discord to google Sheets not working properly

Hi all! I’m new to Make and just now playing around with my first automation. I’m trying to capture the messages from a Discord channel into Google Sheets. After running the automation, it shows it’s finished without any errors. However, the sheet is update with the contents of the Discord message missing, all other rows seem to work fine. Anyone else that encountered this problem with a sollution? The content of the message is everything I want to capture, and exactly that which is missing :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a great day!

Some additional pics on how I set up the automation <3

Hi there.

I can see that you are using the legacy Discord modules. So, first of all, always use the modules that are up-to-date to avoid issues. You can update the module by clicking on the green arrow icon that is attached to the module.

Now, the issue with the missing content - actually, this is on Discord’s side. And Make actually has these changes and the possible workaround nicely described in their Discord documentation - https://www.make.com/en/help/apps/communication/discord


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