Telegram Bot to Google Sheets

Hi Make Community,

Goal: I am trying to connect my telegram bot to paste data into my google sheet. (Theres more…)

I have followed the template and it works but its not working the way i need it.

I have a program that sends a message directly to my telegram bot, in otherwords the telegram bot is sending me a message.

I want the message from that bot to send into google sheets.

Currently it only works for me sending a message to the telegram bot directly.

Another way is i also get this telegram bot to forward a message to my private telegram channel. Is there a chance we can get the mesages in that private telegram channel into my google sheet?

Thank you!

Hi @PeterGL

Did you look at this template released by the good folks over at Make, it might get the job done for you.


turns out it didnt work, for some reason it was pulling the data from the telegram channel it was forwaded to. Is it possible to to set up only messages from the bot directly? In my program i use : async function sendToTelegram