Google Sheet and Telegram

HI Guys,
Iìm new on community and on Make.
I like it very much and has attracted me immediately so i’ve began to create my first scenario on that i’d like to can notify, via Telegram (i’ve already my bot) the changes on a Gogle sheet that receive info from a typebot bot.
in my mind it’s all fairly early and logic but creating scenario i t do not work and also if i’ve read a loto of documenation and examples i continue to not solve this
Someone has had a similar thing?
I need to receiev a notify with all inputs for every row populated in my google sheet and not only a notify of change.
Thank you

Hi @barretta ,

Great to see you here at Make and within the community! Your scenario sounds like something we have developed before, however we do not have a lot of information from you right now.
Since this is a community we can not see your scenarios. Can you please share:

  • What do you have right now (screenshots)?
  • What is your end goal, how should the process look?
  • Where are you stuck?

Thank you!

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Hi @Bjorn.drivn really thank you for your reply

Yes i’ve discovered, after, that there was already a template but that i’ve created is the same (i’ve also tried to use template but without success)

Scenario is really easy

i watch a google sheet

and i send the content to a telegram channel

on that i’ve added my bot (created with bothfather) with admin right

Scenario run once 15 minutes


and also if i’ve set it do not do anything every 15 minutes and nothing also if i launch it manually.

I hope to have explained better but do not exitate to ask me anything.

My goal is to receive on a talegram channel or group the content of cell populated by typebot bot receivng name mail phone and order that user input.

Thank you for your time

Okay this looks good @barretta! Thank you.
So what doesn’t work exactly? It looks like everything is connected and working OK.

If you mean that it does not run when you manually click the run button, this could be because there is no new data in Google Sheets. The “watch rows” will only work and send data to Telegram if you add a new row in this specific google sheet.


Between bot i add a new row but i do not receive nothing on Telegram

Hi @barretta ,

Best way to move forward is to test every part manually and use trial-and-error to figure out what is going wrong. Test parts of the scenario with things you know would, or would not work.

Hope this helps you!

Thank You @Bjorn.drivn but i’ve only two blocks and appear to work but i do not receive anything on my telegram channel.
If i do same actions with pabbly it work but i do not like pabbly and i’d want to can continue with make (if possible)


Is it possible to send messages to private group or is it only public ones? thank you