Automatically add SEO title, Meta Description and Primary Keyword for Blog posts while posting on Wordpress

Is there a way to automatically add SEO title, Meta Description and Primary Keyword for Blog posts as we post on Wordpress. Or update a posted blog on Wordpress with them.

I would like to assign ChatGPT generated SEO title and Meta Description for every auto posted WordPress post.

We use rank math on the site
does this approach work?

It looks like there is no such field named “SEO title” and “Meta Description”, and you are updating the wrong fields.

According to user Rank Math Support at Meta Key Names (postmeta) for TITLE / DESCRIPTION / ETC. |,

This is the meta key we used to save the title and description for Rank Math:

If you wish to work with our social meta, you may refer to the meta keys below:
OpenGraph title: rank_math_facebook_title
OpenGraph description: rank_math_facebook_description
OpenGraph Image: rank_math_facebook_image

Twitter Title: rank_math_twitter_title
Twitter Description: rank_math_twitter_description
Twitter Image: rank_math_facebook_image


I tried the above

I 2 validation parameters errors

Noo, you don’t map variables into the Name field. You have to type it out as a pure string.



Instead of this which is what you’re doing


thanks so much it fixed it


No problem, glad I could help!

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