Automatically create Mailchimp newsletters?

Hi all, I couldn’t find any topic that was related to this, so here I go:

For the last 2 days I have been trying to figure out if I can automatically generate and send Campaign-newsletters with AI content through Mailchimp (and Constant Contact, but lets focus on Mailchimp). We have a system that lets AI generate blog posts and I would like to spread something like a summary in a Mailchimp newsletter.

I have used the “Create a Campaign”-module to create the campaign. I set the Template ID to the template I made in Mailchimp. However, when I go back to mailchimp after running this module, it did not use the template I set, which is the first problem.

Secondly, there seems to be no straightforward module to set the text and image content in the campaign. I tried the “Edit a Campaign Template Content”-module, but this now asks me for HTML tags that need to be set beforehand. Is it correct that I would have to make a HTML-template in Mailchimp for this to work?

I just think it is weird that there is no easier way to do this. Automating newsletters with generative AI to write the content and generate the images would be such a game changer.

I have not really made any scenario with it, cause nothing worked. If one of you knows this or is smart enough to figure this out, please help! :grin: