Automation is adding a new row above the header, not in the first empty row

New Orders are added to the first row, not the next empty available row. The first row contains titles. I wanted to add a column to my google sheets and once I did it and updated it, all my new orders were added to the first row, not like before when they were added to the next empty row available. How can I fix this?
It’s happening to 2 scenarios of mine. Please help.

Could you share a screenshot of your Google Sheet where the issue is occurring?


Hi @Franklin_Biaxol

Welcome to make community. I could understand your issue.
In google Sheets, we have an option to exclude headers and to add the data in new row. Please check for them in the module.

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I managed to solve the issue, thanks!


Heya @Franklin_Biaxol welcome to the community :wave:

It’s fantastic to hear that you managed to solve this on your own; great job! :clap:

Would you mind sharing a summary of the steps you took to get everything up and running? Your insights could be super valuable for others seeking similar information in the future.

Thanks a lot :pray: