Autoreply outside of working hours - How to Make it?


I’m trying to find how to build auto-reply outside of working hours in telegram/whatsapp chats using make.

I want in to be sent only as a response to a clients message, but not automaticaly sent to everyone after close of business.

One more thing, working hours are not in equal intervals, since saturday’s hours are shorter and sundays is a day-off.

So greatefull for your advice

Hi @Liz

you could use an advanced schedule or set up a filter.




Thank you a lot!

It seems that filtering is exactly what I need.

Still there is a question, how to deliever only 1 message in selected time interval per each client?

In my current scenario each client’s reply evoke auto-reply from our side. If I command the bot to sleep, it will stop sending messages in other chats.

What could you recommend?

Thank you in advance!

Our current scenario:

Hi @Liz

I guess, you have some kind of User ID that you can check.

I would do the following:

  1. Get User ID and search for it in a data store.
  2. If the User ID is not available in the data store, send the auto reply message and than store the User ID in the data store.

The next time the scenario gets the same User ID, it will be available in the data store. Use a filter to stop the scenario when the User ID is found.

I have something similar with a RSS Feed. The feed contains the last 20 entries and there is no time stamp. So I need to check the single entry to make sure, I don’t use the same entries over and over again.

Let me know if this works.

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