Getting time and location of a Telegram chat user


I have a simple ai coach chatbot that user’s can privately chat to with Telegram. I feel great that I got that working! pops champagne but I’d like to do the following:

  1. Only message the user one time in the morning, at a time they have set. And again in the evening, at a time they’ve set.
  2. If the user sends any messages to the bot the bots one response should be something like “I’ll commit that to memory! But I won’t respond until [morning time set by user]”

My scenario is super simple:
[Telegram Watch for Updates] > [OpenAI chat completion] > [Telegram reply to message]
But of course I need more modules to do the other things.

There are probably several ways to do this. Also, I plan on building a landing page to link to the bot, and there is an opportunity there to capture some data, if there is a way to link a website visitor to a telegram user and check they are the same user.

Make sense? Very grateful for any guidance or points in the right direction. I love learning about Make and all the possibilities.

Welcome to the Make community!

Yes, that is possible. You’ll need a minimum of two scenarios:

  1. New Telegram message > Store message in Data Store > Message user

  2. Search all Telegram messages for user in Data Store > OpenAI > Message user > Delete messages for user in Data Store

Give it a go and let us know if you have any issues!

Perhaps consider joining the Discord fan server and maybe you can explore this idea with other users further.

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