Avoiding loops from two scenarios

Hello there,

Is there an option in Make to avoid loops?

The scenario would be a two sided synchronisation of platforms. So if someone manually changes data in platform 1, the same changes get taken to platform 2 and the other way around. If I just create two scenarios with webhooks, they will loop infinitely, because platform 1 changes → webhook triggers → platform 2 changes → webhook triggers → platform 1 changes and so on.

I hope I could make clear what the problem is, does anyone have a solution for that?

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Hi. Infinity loop is always a problem when you do a two way sync. You try create columns in both side to store the last datetime update and from where it was triggered or use datastore to do this control. Then you can use filters to prevent the loop. But really it’s not something easy to solve. There is no a recipie, every app pair needs a unique solution.

Thanks, Helio!
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