Awork Connector: refresh token has already been redeemed

I am using the awork connector to automate some tasks. The scenarios are failing regularly, because the connector has the following error: refresh token has already been redeemed

The awork support told me, that the refresh token is expiring, which is currently not considered by the connector in
Authentication -

Is there a work-around to get a stable connection? If the connection works reliably, I want to switch to a paid plan and automate more.

Hi @Rene_Mueller
You have three options

  1. Build your own custom app
  2. Make a scenario that authenticate before perform the actions (worst workaround)
  3. Wait for make to fix the bug
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Hello @Dorian_Ben_Haim ,

Thanks for your swift reply!

Do you have forecast when make can fix the bug?

Regards René

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You can open a detailed ticket and wait for make response in Here