Basic If condition on workflow level?


I want to continue my flow only from one condition/one branch when data “exist or (else) not exist”


if(data exist){
continue only from this branch
continue only from this branch


But it continues from both branches.

It finds the data one time on the first branch and continues,

It cannot find the data 25 times on the second branch and continues…

How to make IF condition in workflow level and continue only from one branch?

everything you have done looks about right - suggesting the issue might be with the data. If you click on the filter in history it will show the source data that caused the filter to trigger. I suspect your answer is likely to lie in there.

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Hey @IainM ,

Thank you for your answer. How to click to filter history?

Do you mean this as filter history?

yes exactly that but the value should show up after the “!?” operator. That answers your question - there is no value reaching the filter. if i go back to your original screenshot it looks like the name field is empty. Follow your scenario back and establish why Name is empty.

Here’s what it should look like