Bearer Authentication Error http module

Hey community,

I want to make an API call (post) to a service. After setting up the http module and testing the connection, I get the following error:

You are not authorized. Provide your api key as a valid Bearer token in header.authorization <<<

Enclosed you can find my set up. Did I get sth. wrong?

Here is the API documentation:

Thanks :slight_smile:

According to the documentation you linked, there is no use of the header parameter “X-API-Key” anywhere, as shown in your screenshot.

You need to follow the documentation and use “bearer token” instead


with the HTTP > Make an OAuth 2.0 request module.


So I rename “X-API-Key” to “bearer token”?

I am all new to APIs an so on :slight_smile:

@samliew , got it all set up. Thanks for pointing me to the bearer token :slight_smile: