Beginner - Getting an error trying to create google doc from notion database

Hi, I am new a learning this for the first time. I have created a workflow to pull from my notion databases to create an invoice on google Docs. the data is being pulled and the invoice is being created but the {{text}} is not being changed. I am getting this error:

The operation failed with an error. [400] Invalid value at ‘requests[7].replace_all_text’ (replace_text), Starting an object on a scalar field Invalid value at ‘requests[8].replace_all_text’ (replace_text), Starting an object on a scalar field.

I’m not a techie, so i honestly dont know what this means.

For reference, This is the video tutorial i have been following:

please help, I want to learn to how to use notion and make to help be more efficient in my business and help others do the same. also, any recommendations on sources to improve my skills? greatly appreciated, thanks in advance


attach a screenshot of your latest scenario log, we can’t predict where the error is from

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