Best Practice for working with customers? (Share passwords etc)

Hi all,

I build automation for my clients. Today I had an onboarding and got some issues because ist complicated for the client.

For Example:
The client bought CORE Package an added me user with TeamAdmin role.

Now in the first scenario I had to setup more and more modules. Started with Calendly, then Google Drive and Google Sheet. After my first small automation I needed access to Google Forms.

I always have to contact my client and ask him to go into in the scenario and end his credentials. That not good for the customer because he always has to be involved.

What´s your best practice for that?

thx a lot.


you are doing it correctly because most of the logins require authentication and confirmation using a user login session. So your client has to go to authorise the connection.

Tell your client to consider it as one-time activity so he will feel less pain :grin: