Best way to manipulate files from get files

Hello everyone, I have a scenario where I am receiving a spreadsheet via url (get file) and then I need to scroll through the values ​​in the spreadsheet to be able to compare it with a value I already have, but I don’t know how to manipulate the file I receive from the get file module which is in buffer format to be able to use the values.

This is an encoding issue when downloading certain files.

I have mentioned more details, and a possible workaround for this here: Read text in .txt file stored in google drive - #4 by samliew

You can try using a “Convert encoding” module using the same input and output encoding, then you can use the output of this module in a subsequent module (like Parse CSV or JSON).

Alternatively, you can simply try using the toString built-in function in the mapped field, something like this:  toString(data)  – however this method doesn’t work in some cases where the encoding actually has to be converted.