Read text in .txt file stored in google drive


I have a .txt file saved in a google drive folder.
My goal is to read the text inside the file.
Which module, (or modules) should I use?

(Drive connection already set up in my workspace. )

Use cloudConvert module. “Convert a file” one.

@Princy This is not the right advice. You do NOT need to run it through CloudConvert if you already have the plain text data. It relies on another external connection, is slower, and consume conversion credits.

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From the Help Center:

Buffer (binary data)
File content is usually sent as Buffer type (image content, video file and others). In some cases, there is text data included in this type (e.g. text file). Make is able to automatically convert text data in binary code to text (and vice versa). For more information on working with files see the Working with files article.

So while you cannot simply use the File Data as-is:

You can do is just force it through the “Convert encoding” module using the same input and output encoding. I used UTF-8 since it’s a universal and common encoding type and it is very likely it will be compatible.

Then you can retrieve/reference the text from the output bundle:

Hope this helps!!!