Best way to upload file buffer data and converted into a URL

Hello im looking for a module rather than Google drive to upload a buffer data [the table with raw data] to get a url so i can use it in my next module as a URL

This is the file data im getting from my trigger

and i need to upload to a service converting it to a url accessible for download


what services do you recommend (especially free, i don’t have much uploads each month, less than 100 file)

If you have a hosting service with your domain name you could use the SFTP module to upload files there.

You can explore potential apps to host your files by using the “Files & Documents” filter on


To be sure do you actually need to store the PDF somewhere persistently? You can use the buffer data as input to a module if it allows mapping that way. But if your module requires a link to grab the file data then yes you’d need to store the the data somewhere. Remember when you’re uploading and downloading data, your data quota will be used on your Make account, and there is a theoretical maximum size that Make will deal with.


i found the solution, the mail problem was to upload a pdf file to whatsapp, then i found that there is a module for that, problem solved

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Hi @Makman :wave:

Great to hear that you managed to get this up and running :clap:
Thank you for circling back here and sharing what did the final trick for you for with the rest of us :pray:

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