Bitpaper Custom App Returns 404

Hello. I use on a regular basis for making online blackboards. I have the very simple custom app completed but can not get the connection to work. I send one optional parameter and use two return items in the module, as found at There is not even an endpoint. I am creating two connections, one for my test API and the other for my production API using the same code.

This is so simple but I am stuck. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I would appreciate some help.
Thank you.

Base: (I think the base is ignored for connection setting, correct?)



It is cause if you don’t specify any method parameters in Connection or in Module, it will by default do a GET request instead of a POST request.

Since There is no GET Request for this endpoint, it will throw a 404. You can add,

“method”: “POST”,

to the Connection, but I doubt it will solve the issue, as there is no dedicated authentication method for api key validation.


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Runcorn, you are correct. Adding “method”: “POST” to my connection did not fix it, but I appreciate the idea.

I wish there was a way to run it all as one piece.

We figured it out. The “method”: “POST” and “body”:{“name”:“whatever here”} must both be included in the connection request.

Hey @Nathan_Atkinson :wave:

big applause to you for solving this on your own! :clap: We love to see Makers coming up with their own ideas and solutions while using the product.

Thank you very much for keeping our community in mind and getting back to us with your solution! We appreciate it.

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