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Hola friends!

I’m trying to build a scenario in which I need to map IDs across modules of different services. I’m assuming - and I believe I’m right - that I can’t just randomly map anything anywhere. Are there any best practices on how to map the correct value into the correct field?

Thank you so much!

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I like to use Lookup Tables. With Integromat I’d use the built-in Datastore, still am exploring Make but that may help.

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I used data store as well. It works great. I am not having any time issues currently after my switch to Make from Integromat.


Since Jace also used this I thought I’d include a tutorial I’ve created using the Datastore and Lookup Tables.

It’s focused on solving a common problem in Webflow, but the solution is using Integromat/Make to map IDs across the different services to solve it so you’ll be able to reuse this solution for any problem that you’re solving:

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