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Hola friends!

I’m trying to build a scenario in which I need to map IDs across modules of different services. I’m assuming - and I believe I’m right - that I can’t just randomly map anything anywhere. Are there any best practices on how to map the correct value into the correct field?

Thank you so much!

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I like to use Lookup Tables. With Integromat I’d use the built-in Datastore, still am exploring Make but that may help.

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I used data store as well. It works great. I am not having any time issues currently after my switch to Make from Integromat.


Since Jace also used this I thought I’d include a tutorial I’ve created using the Datastore and Lookup Tables.

It’s focused on solving a common problem in Webflow, but the solution is using Integromat/Make to map IDs across the different services to solve it so you’ll be able to reuse this solution for any problem that you’re solving:

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What is the best practice when you have a text form which you want to link to ClickUp dropdowns for example, where you want to map multiple different IDs do you keep all the associated results in one datastore or split across multiple? E.g. Color drop downs or Custom labels.