Mapping the Price field from airtable to webflow

For the past week or so I’ve been trying to transfer data from Airtable to Webflow to create an ecommerce product. I’m having difficulties mapping a multi images field and the price field. For the Multi-Images field I’ve tried a get function to get all the urls for the images but it doesn’t return a thing. As for the price, I am using a formula field that is also a decimal. Everytime I map it with no math functions to it it won’t let me proceed with the scenario and when I try adding a format function in it with the formula field, it goes through but my price is always wrong after. It always comes back 00.40 or 00.09 or numbers similar to that. Can anyone tell me which part I’m doing wrong and what I should use to map these two fields please?

id be happy to take a look at your flow.

if you duplicate your project, unmap your credentials and export a blueprint and drop here. Ill see what I can do to help. Been using make for half a decade as part of a hybrid lowcode/full code flow for rapid prototyping.

Screenshots with sensitive data erased also work.