Mapping to a Webflow field with Option type fails

I am mapping Airtable data to Webflow. The field in Webflow is an Option type with text options. I have the same options for the field in Airtable. But when I map Airtable to to Webflow, I get an error: “Prohibited value in parameter ‘status’.”

Is there a way to map this properly?

What is your input data?

In this case it is a string. The string matches the option configured in the Status field.

Has anyone seen this issue or have any ideas how to solve this?

@Ben_Norris Can you try to debug it by manually replicating the issue maybe?
Could it be that one option list is with uppercase and the other is not?

Yeah, I tried a number of things with text, but couldn’t ever get it to work. In the end, I stopped using that field, and instead use a plain text field. I know what values to expect from Airtable. It’s not ideal, but it’s working.