Prohibited value in parameter for single select option fields in Webflow

Hey Everyone -

I’m running into an error from an Airtable to Webflow transition with a single select “Option” field that is on both Airtable and Webflow. It gives a “Prohibited value in parameter” error.

It runs in Zapier fine, so it’s something specific to Make.

I’ve verified the text matches on both platforms so it’s 1 to 1 relational. I haven’t tried turning the web flow option field into a text field, but my guess is that works. The webflow site is up and functioning, so I am trying to avoid having to add a new field and re-add all the data to that.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi @DPA_Comms

This error arises when we map non-accepted values in the module field. To see the accepted values, toggle on the map option in the dropdown field. Then, you can see the internal ID of the dropdown labels.

So, you need to pass the internal IDs in the dropdown field to get the module passed.

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Hi @Msquare_Automation - Thanks for following up!

I think I have that setup correctly? I have the map on status and membership level to pull in the actual item from Airtable to Webflow. It still throws up errors. See attached photo for reference.

It doesn’t throw errors if I don’t map and just select the appropriate option. The issue is that it could be variable what Airtable is providing. Especially on Memberships.


Just so the solution is posted here, i worked it out with Make support.

It needed a Switch code for each status.

{{switch(1.Status; "Approved"; "6e5a16287fd2894511d7665488cfa104"; "Not Approved"; "1be911bc0eb0603a0919292384778294"; "Pending Approval"; "64823e77958ce917518938457514c46"; "Expired"; "cb6cd85551e44f96f63948578ee9bf244"; "Overdue"; "0e8bc02836ef2219f55293847b5d24"; "Canceled"; "ebac0b009192837057ddf4845d5c1bfd")}}

You can get the webflow ID code by selecting the item then mapping it. It auto converts. Once you do that for each item then you can build the code. Works perfect and I was able to do it for a few different List items.

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Hi @DPA_Comms :wave:

I just want to say thanks so much for circling back to us with the solution you got from the support team!

We really appreciate you sharing this since it could, indeed, be super helpful to others in the future. :pray:

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I’m very sorry but I have the same problem and I don’t succeed in getting the Webflow IDs codes for each option. Could you explain in more details how to get the IDs?
Thanks a lot for your help.

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I got it!
Thanks. :pray: