Transforming Boolean Values from Webflow Webhook for Airtable Multiple Select Column

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a project that involves processing data from a Webflow webhook (form submissions) and updating an Airtable base.

Each submission includes boolean values for checkboxes (e.g., ‘Checkbox_1:true’, ‘Checkbox_1:false’). I’m looking to convert these boolean values in a specific way for use in a Multiple select column in Airtable:

  • When the value is true, I want to convert it to [SPECIFIC WORD].
  • When it’s false, the value should remain empty.

I’m unsure how to reformat these data correctly for use in Airtable. Has anyone dealt with a similar situation or could provide some guidance on how to approach this transformation?

Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Hi @Maxkzn,

There are probably a few different ways to handle this.
One way is using the switch() function.

Text box values are true or false, but they come in as text in my experience with Webflow.

So if you had two check boxes, Checkbox 1:true and Checkbox 2:false, and the output bundle looks like this:

You could check them with the switch function like this:

And the result would be:

You could also just use the if() function since there could only be two possible outcomes:

Just be careful when you use the “=” operator, it needs to show up in green. If you type it in, use {{=}}, or select = from the pill