Need to convert true / false values in string values so I can insert them into an Airtable single select field

Hello everyone,

I am trying to insert a value which can be true or false (without quotes) into an Airtable single select field which has options true / false predefined.

According to Airtable documentation, single select fields are of type “String” so I figured I had to convert true / into “true” / “false” or ‘true’ / ‘false’.

I included the formula toString (mydata) in the relevant item of the Airtable module of my scenario but that does not work.

When I checked the output bundle data, it seems what is trying to be inserted is the string “mydata” and not the value of mydata converted to a string.

The error message " [422] Insufficient permissions to create new select option ““mydata”” " that I get seems to confirm that.

What shall I do to indeed insert in my Airtable single select field the string resulting from toString (mydata) ?

Thanks in advance for your help,


Hi. Can you share your input data in this field? So maybe the community can help you.

Thanks, Helio!
If you have questions reach out :wink:

Thanks for your reply !

Actually, I just figured out what was wrong !

In essence, I was mixing clicking on function tags and typing in data. Make didn’t complain but the result wasn’t the one I expected.

Now that I clicked on the function tag and on my data tag to fill the field, the result is correct.

I mean by that the original data is indeed converted into a string I can insert in an Airtable single select field.


Hi @Gilles_Salzstein thanks so much for stepping back into the community and for letting us know what you figured out :pray:

Keep up the great work :clap: