Errors from Webflow module when updating a collection from Airtable

Just started testing Make. I’d like to update a Webflow collection with values from Airtable, when a webhook is triggered.

I get this BundleValidationError >> Prohibited value in parameter ‘availability.’

When I avoid this by manually setting availability, I still have a (likely more relevant) error:

[400] Validation Error: Provided ID is invalid

Here is how the Webflow module is set up:

And here is the output of the Airtable module from the test-run:

I also tried adding a “Tools” module before the Webflow module to extract the fields into variables, but that didn’t change the errors I was getting.

Let me know if I should supply more details.

Thanks in advance!

Looks like that’s a reference field.

You need to find the collection item id of the item with name “In Stock” and map it in that field.


@samliew Thanks for your reply! I can see that items in the Webflow collection have an “item ID.”

Are you saying that I should have the Webflow item ID’s in the Airtable ? I’d like to map Airtable → Webflow using the product SKU code. However, the Webflow module is definitely looking for an item ID.

Do you think the best answer is to add a new module between Airtable/Webflow that fetches collection item ID from the matched product by SKU code ?

Thanks for your patience…

You can use the built-in switch function inline in a field, or a “Switch” module (if you know the collection item ids and names in advance).

For more information, see:



I need a programmatic mapping by a field (SKU)… I could write an inline switch statement that has every product mapped (see screenshot), but obviously that’s not what I want, since products can come and go.

I’m familiar with coding, but I apologize for being slow with no-code solutions. I think I’m missing something obvious here.

Thanks again!

In that case, you’ll have to either:

  • pass the item id to your webhook

  • utilize a Search module to find item by name, to get the item id

    Would this module work?



Thanks again for your patience…

The webhook is triggered from Airtable, where there is no reference to the Webflow collection item IDs.

The Webflow “List Items” module (above) that you suggested could certainly be a solution for us, although specifying a Limit (Maximum number of results) seems awkward, and I still have the original problem of not knowing how to fetch the one record with one matching key field (SKU).

(This shows output of the List items module with limit set to 2 items.)

If I could use SQL to explain what I want, it would be
SELECT * FROM WebflowConnection WHERE sku = SkuFromGivenAirtableRecord ;

Maybe I can set up a loop in Make that goes through each record until a match is found. My brain is struggling with nocode. :wink:

Since there is no Webflow search module, check if Webflow has a search collection items endpoint in the developer API documentation.

Otherwise you could try live syncing the category collection items to a data store, and use the data store’s search module instead.


@samliew I haven’t looked into this yet, but you have fully answered my questions. Now that I better know how it works, I’ll be able to use one of your suggestions above.

Thank you! :smiley: