Bringing Attachments in from AHA to

Hi all,

Hoping someone can let me know whether what I am trying is possible, or not.

We use AHA for our product and change management, at a certain point in the AHA process, it will be sent for a quote from the customer. Our technical teams and product managers have essentially outlined in a document what work is required and how much effort this would be, this document is then attached to the feature.

I can get that feature using Make and a webhook but I can’t seem to get the attachment on the feature record.

Ideally I would like to put the attachement into so a quote can be raised by an account manager.

Is that even possible?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Chris_Newman , can you elaborate your question a bit more (preferably including screenshots) ?

  • How are you getting your quotes?
  • Where should this attachment be found?
  • Why can’t you get the attachment?

Looking at the API it seems you can get a feature, and the response body contains the attachment:

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