Allowing customers to update an existing Monday Item

For those of you using, and using their Forms to register Items from external or internal resources, the problem that we were facing is how to use a Form to Update an existing Item. :thinking:

For example, we have a board we use for onboarding customers. The board contains information on pricing and the board has a lot of fields. Sometimes customers only want to get a quotation which only requieres 20% of the fields to be filled. In that case what we did was to send an initial minimal form to let a customer get a quotation, and then if they want to onboard we would send them a link to the full form :scroll: :desktop_computer: - meaning they would be requested to repeat again the 20% they have already filled :roll_eyes: and we don’t like to make our customers work hard :man_lifting_weights:

So the question was how to let customers who don’t have access to our Monday board, to use a “form” to Update data of an existing item. I know there are some paid Monday integrations / Form Apps that do that, but we wanted to do it ourselves and keep it purely on the existing Make platfrom :make: :blush:

We used 3 Scenarios, with 7 Operations only, here is what we did:

  1. Scenario 1: Manual triger by Monday to prompt the customer to complete the registration.
  • Watch Board’s Column Values: Trigger: Once we change a certain status on Monday (for example “Ask customer to complete details” go to next step
  • Get the Item details
  • Send an email to the customer: the email is in HTML and containing an Action button as below, the action button is a Link :link:which is our next scenarios Webhook, it contains the Item ID of the current Item, as a mininimum requierment
  1. Scenario 2: Custom Webhook + Webhook Response

And this is the twist :cyclone: :man_dancing:We are using the Webhook Response module, to compose our own Webform using HTML. For the testing purposes we decided to update the FIrst Name, Last Name and Email of the customer, here is how it looks. You can customize it any way you want of course :art:

Once the submit button is clicked, its activating the Second Webhook, and the 3rd Scenario :video_camera: This Webhook needs to include the Item ID as well as the form entry fields: First Name, Last Name and Email.

  1. Scenario 3: Get the inform from the Webhook (Info provided through the Form: First Name, Last Name, Email, as well as the Item ID.

Now that we have the ItemID and the fields to update, we simply use the Monday “Update Columns values of a specific Items” to do the update.

I don’t know if we are the only ones with this need, but I hope it will help others or at least give some ideas :bulb: :grinning:

Feel free to ask questions.


I’m not sure that this will accomplish exactly what you’re looking for, but offers the ability to have users continue where they left off in a survey. I use Jotform for intake into Monday and it works pretty well, they offer a specific Monday integration allowing you to create new items or updates upon new submissions / edited submissions (though it is a bit limited, and depending on what details you need from the form you might want to just run it Jotform → Make → Monday).

That being said there are a couple ways you could go about addressing this, but my first thought is to:

  1. Setup Jotform with conditions to only display certain questions depending on the customers input (a check box could function as a boolean operator for the customer to choose to either fill out part of the form or all of it).

  2. Ensure that you allow users to edit their responses in Jotform so they can continue filling it out later (you’ll also likely need to develop a way to record the link to the partially filled form and add it to the Monday item in order to send it to the customer if they decide to move forward; this might be possible if you intake the form submission through Make and then have a module to create an item).

  3. When a form is submitted have it create an item in Monday, then when a customer decides to move forward with the onboarding, they can be sent the link to their unfinished form. Once a submission is updated you can either have it create a new item in a different board with the full details, or you could have it create an update on the current Monday item, followed by using Make to watch for item updates then parse the update text to separate the submitted fields and finally transfer the parsed text to the item columns.

Hope this helps some!

Thanks @Logan_R.

The challenge was how NOT to use external applications and stay within Make/Monday.

My concept presented above is tested and working :100:

A customer is getting an email with a link to complete/edit sections of the form. Its true they wont see what they entered previously.

For the moment i only allow editing simple items like text and not complex items like drop downs or file uploads :file_folder:


Ahh, okay yes, that does make it a bit more challenging. In that case you might look into creating two separate forms using Make webhooks (like you have already done). You could link the two forms with an additional button on the first form that offers users a way to continue immediately, if they would like; or if they just want to get the quote they can submit.

The difference between what the buttons do is small, both of them create a new item in Monday and provide a webhook response to the user.

The scenario that is triggered by the continue button would need to create an item in Monday and forward the user to the second form, using Make to just copy their previous input to the new form.

The scenario that is triggered by submitting for a quote could just create the item and then forward the user to a ‘thank you’ page or similar. Then if / when a customer decides to onboard have a button in Monday (or you could maybe automate it further by connecting a hook to customers writing back) that triggers the generation of a link to the second form with the previous input auto populated by Make.

And finally the submit button on the second form would just trigger a make scenario that would apply the new input to the already created item in Monday.

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@OmriNyx Very cool use case! We’re doing this as well but using the Forms Module within Make from @makeitfuture which is really helps us to build these HTML forms very fast. One thing you can do in addition is to get items from a board to then add to a dropdown in a form, so people can choose one of these items in the form.

See here:

Nice. Its an external paid tool, but good to know nevertheless :smiley: :metal: