Monday - attempting to update a connect column with details

Hi all,

So, I have one board on monday called Customer Projects. These projects have subitems and I’m using an automation which creates a new item in a different board (called Creative Workflow) when a person is assigned.

The main items work fine and using a different automation the automatically link in the connect column. The sub items don’t link at all unless we manually do it. We have spoken at length to the support team and our sales rep - it doesnt do it.

So we are thinking that using Make, we can update the connect column once the item has been created.

In monday on the Creative Workflow board I’ve created a webhook which triggers when something is created.
In make I’ve set up a new scenario which starts with the webhook.

On Monday, in Customer Projects board we assign a team member. It creates a new item in Creative Workflow. Once its created, it fires off the webhook.
It shows the creation here:

So from above I’m assuming that the pulse ID 2742741649 is the original ID for that entry on the Customer projects board?

How can I now update that same record?
I’m assuming there is a way of saying UPDATE new item with connect_column = 2742741649.
How can I get the id of the new item that was created?


Make is a great tool. In this case you might not need it…

Your description sounds like you are using an integration like: “When subitem is created, send a webhook”. But the data you are showing looks like it’s from an integration like: “When a column changes send a webhook”.

Setting that aside, the Pulse ID above is for a subitem.

I’m not completely clear on the exact structure of your boards, subitems and connect board columns. Getting the linked item ID from connect board columns can be a little tricky. Once you have the correct ID, use the Update Column Values of a Specific Item module to make changes.

However… you can most likely change the automation that you are using to one like this that will create the connection at the same time:

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Thanks so much for your reply.

oh my goodness!!! You are the man!! wow, so we’ve spoken to our sales rep and the technical support team and they told us that you cannot do this with subitems!!! Its only working now!!!

We have spent days building this and trying to integrate with make etc. Thank you so much!!!

Do you know if there is an option for if person is unassigned as I’m not able to see that within the integrations?

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You’re welcome.

If anyone wanted to do the above with subitems, currently Make would be needed.

Unassigned… Currently there are not any standard automations/integrations with that as a trigger. This is another one that would probably require Make.

To pursue that, basically:

In monday: you would create a integration to call a webhook when a people column changes.

In Make: create a scenario with the webhook, the call data will include the current and previous values of the people column. From there, you would need to do a check to see whom was removed (if anyone). That’s a bit tricky, but doable. Then the rest of the modules.

Jim - The Monday Man (YouTube Channel)
What is Make & How can it help you?
We Create Custom Solutions
Schedule a 1-on-1 Tutorial Session

ok, so I’ve got a webhook running in Monday for when the person column is changed.

In Make:
Watch board’s column value (with the webhook)
Filter to check that the personAndTeams value is empty (so it has been unassigned)
Get an Item’s Column Value - that displays the item ID, board ID, Column ID and map labels. (the column ID shows the name of the item.

How can I check the other board to see if there is an item listed that has the same name?


Some of what you wrote sounds just a bit off.

But, to answer your question directly, use the monday module “Search Items in the Board by Column Values”


Hey, sorry to be a pain, I’ve found the correct automations in Monday which says

When person is assigned then create an item in a board and connect with columns.

I have one of these for each member of staff - however when I assign one person it’s fine, if I assign 2 people, then the first person gets it twice and the second person gets it once.
If I assign 3 people then person one gets it three times, person 2 gets it twice and person three gets it once.

Do you have any ideas or thoughts as to why it would duplicate it depending on the number of people assigned?

This is my automations

I cant see a reason why it would duplicate (unless Monday removes everyone and readds the person who’s remaining?