Updating connect columns for Monday.com

I am trying to update a connect column for Monday.com on a board I create. Essentially we have a board template and I have a complex scenario that creates a new board. Once that board is created, I want to connect each item on that board to an existing board.

If Make knows the existing boardID, it knows I’m trying to use a connect column so it allows me to set ItemIds. Since this is a fresh board, I can’t use metadata for setting values, I have to use “Any Value”. Passing in just an ID doesn’t work. I’m trying to use Monday.com’s documentation, but it’s using a mutation, not just plain JSON.

Has anyone had luck with the syntax to update a single item’s connect column through any value (not using the item option of metadata?

NOT this

Hi Jon,

You should use the following:

Do not add backslashes (Make does that for you)


I am trying to create a subitem and have this same issue. What am I doing wrong? I have mapped every other column type successfully but cannot figure out this connect boards column:

I ended up having to use a “execute GraphQL query”