Updating connect columns for Monday.com

I am trying to update a connect column for Monday.com on a board I create. Essentially we have a board template and I have a complex scenario that creates a new board. Once that board is created, I want to connect each item on that board to an existing board.

If Make knows the existing boardID, it knows I’m trying to use a connect column so it allows me to set ItemIds. Since this is a fresh board, I can’t use metadata for setting values, I have to use “Any Value”. Passing in just an ID doesn’t work. I’m trying to use Monday.com’s documentation, but it’s using a mutation, not just plain JSON.

Has anyone had luck with the syntax to update a single item’s connect column through any value (not using the item option of metadata?

NOT this

Hi Jon,

You should use the following:

Do not add backslashes (Make does that for you)


I am trying to create a subitem and have this same issue. What am I doing wrong? I have mapped every other column type successfully but cannot figure out this connect boards column:

I ended up having to use a “execute GraphQL query”


Hey there @Jon_Clark :wave:,

Just thought I might step in and pat you on the back for the great job you did while figuring out this problem. I’m thrilled to see you were able to learn more about the product and come up with a solution! :clap:

Also thank you for stepping back into the community and sharing your solution with us. We greatly appreciate that.
Keep up the amazing work!

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