Monday Link Items by GraphQL failes

Hi together,

if in my Monday Mainboard a Subitem ist posted, i want to create one item in a board of colleges and connect the items.
Everything to the creation is going well, but the linking doesnt work.

I have a GraphQL with this Text:

mutation {
  change_multiple_column_values(item_id:{{}}, board_id:{{}}, column_values: "{\"connect_boards\" : {\"item_ids\" : [{{1.event.pulseId}}]}}") {

The is the id of the new created item in the second board and is the ID of the board the new item was created. Event.pulseid was the pulseid of the initial item.

Whats wrong?

Hi @Kay_Dollt

I noticed that in the “board_id” section, you’ve mapped it with the “name.” This represents the board ID associated with the respective board. Please try with change that name with board id.

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hi, thats a helper Board in which i am searching for the right Board ID in fact of an other argument… And in the Colomn Name there are the IDs. So the final Input for my GraphQL looks like this:

mutation {
  change_multiple_column_values(item_id:1354393620, board_id:1351884210, column_values: "{\"connect_boards\" : {\"item_ids\" : [1331792616]}}") {

and thats the error:

[200] This column ID doesn't exist for the board [ Error Code: InvalidColumnIdException / Error Details: {"column_id":"connect_boards","board_id":null,"error_reason":"store.monday.automation.error.missing_column"} ]

i got the solution… the “Connect_boards” should be the id of the column