Update Connect Board columns

(Screenshots below)
I’m so close to finishing my scenario but it’s just not working!! I am trying to update a Monday subitem’s column values using variables I got earlier in the scenario. It’s a bit complicated because the 2 columns to update are Connect Board columns. It shouldn’t be impossible, since it worked for me before, but I don’t understand why it isn’t working now!?!

Here ^ is the results of the Get an Item module, which I will reference later (I will need it’s name).
Module 54
Here ^ are the results of the Set Multiple Variables module, from which I will need both.
Module 55
Here ^ are the results of Create a Subitem module, where I create a subitem under an item (the ID of this parent item is in the variable resultID).

Here ^ is my initialization of the Update Columns Values module, where I am trying to update 2 columns of the subitem I just created. I need to add this extra module since the columns I want to update are Connect Board columns.

But it gives me this ^ result and error! Why???

Hi @Uriel ,

Were you able to figure this one out? Currently experiencing the same issue, however, I am receiving a “The operation failed with an error. [200] Link to item column value structure invalid [ Error Code: ColumnValueException / Error Details: {} ]”


This generally happens when you map a value that is not available in the connected board column.

So just turn off the mapping toggle and check if the value is available as an option in the pre-defined column choices.

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