Monday - update connected board column

Hi Community,

I am facing the following problem:

I have uploaded to 1000+ contact that need to be connected to another board with information on the businesses these contacts work for. As it would be very time consuming to go through all these contacts and select the correct business in the connected board column, I though could help here.

My first try was to update the connected board column by another columns value that contains the name of the business - this name of the business was imported and is exactly the same as in the Board to be connected. Unfortunately (at least based on my trial and error) you can only update connected board columns with linkedpulsIds and not text.

As various contact can be and are working for the same business, I thought “ok let’s connect one contact per business” and then update the contacts = items with the value in the already connected board column.

Do you guys see any solution to that? Updating connected board column of 1000+ items either by another column of that specific item containing text (same as in the Connected Board) or updating by another item with a column value that is identical for both items and is already connected?

Thanks a lot.

Alle the best