I'm a dummy and need some help with monday

Hi all, I am struggling to land a couple of the basics in my integration with monday.com to allow me to grow my understanding.

Essentially we have a central masterlist of projects, and when a status changes a new board is created from a template. I am adding integrations / automation to the template so that when a new board is created, the url is copied back into the masterlist so there is a direct link between the two. I am struggling to find how to identify the column to add the url to when that column is not the trigger - this means I cant identify the column ID. As the integration is being added to a template, the ID of the ‘future’ board is unknown to map.

I’m on the free licence for now (I work for a not for profit) and am struggling to grasp some of the basics to get moving.


Hi @JE , if you are using Make to trigger the new board creation, you can simply use the Update column value action to update the board ID with the link after the board creation.

The flow will be:
Trigger (watch event): Change status to new board on your masterlist board
→ create a new board (from a template)
→ update column value (you can pre-set the link: https://xxxx.monday.com/boards/yyyy)
xxxx is your monday account URL
yyyy is the board ID from the Create a new board action

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Libin. I am currently just using monday automations to trigger the board, but happy to change if that unlocks the opportunity to do what I want through make :smiley:

@JE - Came across this post and, while it’s not exactly on topic, I wanted to mention that monday.com offers a great nonprofit plan. You can check your eligibility here: https://monday.com/nonprofits/eligibility

Hope this helps you!

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