Create a Board by Submitting a Google Form and change Column Values

Hey there,

i am completly new to and maybe its my personal holy grail for getting rid of a lot of work and beeing quiet valueable for my company.

First of all, we are an event-location with 3 locations within germany.

Right now the process looks like that:

We get a new event, fill out an inbound-board in monday and with a button we create a board from template, but we need to adjust a lot of informations, write mails with all infos to all included parties and so on.

My dream-scenario would be like that:

We have one Google Forms with some drop-down menus:

  • When is the Event
  • Where is the event
  • who is the client
  • who is in charge
  • and some more stuff

After Submitting, i want monday to filter which location is the right one and trigger the correct template. Up until this point, i have everything set up working.

Afterwards i want the client to get an automated mail with all informations and parties included, that works aswell.

Now - and this is the most important part - i need monday to change the most important informations from the google forms within the new board

For example: Event-Date should be changed to the Date from google forms
the people in Charge should be changed according to google forms
and some more stuf.

In a perfect world something like chatgpt creates a briefing from the google forms info and uploads it to a specific item within the newly created board, but thats not as important as changing the colums.

Attached you can find some screens, has someone an idea?

Thank you so much!