Automate Exporting Board to an Excel Sheet

Hey all,

Somewhat new to and hoping there’s a solution for this. Looking for a way to automate exporting a board once a month as an excel sheet. At my company we intake a lot of data via Monday from various clients that is specific to the current month at the time. Once the month has passed, we currently manually download the board, and then move everything off the board to an “archive” type board.

The hope is that I can take out that manual work and possibly make it work through so every month it gets the board items and generates an excel sheet, or something similar, with all the items on the board at the time.

Although you can manually export in, there’s no way to automate this process.

Is this possible to do via Make and if so, any tips on where to start?


Hello @noah_schrader,

I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t be able to do this.

You’d need to identify what is considered “last month” in Monday.
Once that’s been established, figure out which Monday module can get those items most efficiently.
The challenge here is you may have to query several times if Monday puts a limit on how much you can get at once. In Make, you’ll need to either aggregate multiple queries or write to Excel immediately each time a batch of data is pulled from Monday.

Next, determine the layout of your Excel spreadsheet. I imagine since you’re doing this manually already, it should be pretty easy.

Next, this is probably the most difficult part, update Excel.
Make doesn’t have modules (at least not that I’m aware of) that allow you to update multiple rows at once and updating one at a time takes a lot of time and a lot of Ops. But, there is a way to batch update using “update range”.

With this endpoint, you use “Make an API call” from the Excel module.
You need to know the range you want to update and create an array of arrays consisting of all the data to add to the worksheet.
You can figure out the range because you’ll know how many columns you have and how many rows you’re updating.

Your final scenario at a very basic level might look something like this:
Monday Get Items → Excel Add a Worksheet (for the month) → Excel Add a Worksheet Row (for the headers) → Text Aggregator → Excel Make an API Call

I wish you luck!