Query from Google Sheet to Update specific item in Monday board


I am trying to track weekly customer account updates from a Google Sheet into a column in Monday.com. Every week, I want to track the numerical updates (in column O) in the Google Sheet
(using Get Range Values function) and have it update a board column in Monday.com (using Update Column Values of a Specific Item). I have the customer ID in both the Google Sheet and the Monday.com and am trying to match it up based on the item.

As I try to set up the automation, I keep running into a parsing error. I tried the Watch Worksheet Rows and Search Rows functions to get the update to run.

Can someone please explain what I am doing wrong? Could it be the format of the number I am trying to match it on in Monday.com?

Thank you!

Hi @lisah

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Please verify that the value within the customer code is the actual pulse ID (item ID). To confirm the issue, try running the update module with a hardcoded value of a pulse ID, which you can obtain from the URL.

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